Our Legitimate News Guarantee

In the wake of the “Fake News Craze” that’s sweeping the nation, political henchman and mainstream media, have attempted to remove your constitutional right to public information, by labeling legitimate news as being fake.

These stories stem from individuals with a personal agenda, which is to increase their social status, by kissing up to the politicians, who this site lawfully is exposing as corrupt.

There is no magic and there is no mystery to our content. We take court documents, evidence from government employees, and use the Open Public Records Act to expose official corruption.

We will accept any challenge to publicly prove the validity of our articles, through debate, public speaking, and the preponderance of evidence. Unlike the critics, we put our money where our mouth is.

Our writers are certified and endorsed by the most notable and accredited organizations in New Jersey; as teachers, community advocates, and instructors on the topics of civil rights, community activism, and civic responsibility.

Our contributors and subscribers are your local law enforcement, teachers, and business owners, who are looking to bring back the sense of value and community, which Atlantic County has long since lost.

There’s no need to guess, because we post the relevant evidence in everything that we write. However, there are also times when parodies and commentaries are posted, but those are clearly presented as such.

Anyone with additional questions regarding the validity of anything posted on Atlantic County News, is free to review our extensive library of wire-tap audio, video, email, court documents, and witness testimonials.

Our corruption stories are about the most powerful politicians and government entities in the State of New Jersey, including agents of the State Attorney Generals Office and Superior Court Judges… If our stories are so fake, then why aren’t they suing us?

Still not convinced, then satisfy yourself with this simple task: Find anything negative about the Atlantic County Administration, publicized by the local press or radio over the last 12 years. And if you find anything, then we’ll buy the story from you.

Thank you for reading, following, sharing, and for playing an active role in the health of Atlantic County New Jersey.