Atlantic County News was founded to give a voice to the citizens of Atlantic County New Jersey. Honest, sarcastic, politically incorrect…. Here, you’ll find information, which will help you understand how your community works, what role you play, and how to read between the lines.
We’re an outreach to people in the community, who’ve been ignored, discriminated against, harassed, or retaliated against by the government. If you contact us, you’ll be united with a diverse group of statewide families and professionals, so that you can once again feel like a proud American instead of an outcast.
We’re police officers, firefighters, teachers, students, construction workers, business owners, attorneys, farmers, and professionals, and we love to act like a community.
New Jersey is the most corrupt state in the union, and Atlantic County is the most corrupt county in the state, yet none of our brilliant political saviors have been able to cure what ails us… So why is it that the average 13 year old can figure out how to fix Atlantic City?
Who’s behind it, who knows about it, who endorses it, who protects it, and who is hurt by it? Leaked documents, audio, emails, photographs, and video… It’s all here to help you understand and rebuild this community… strong, healthy, and prosperous for you and your family.
You won’t find hate, conspiracy theories, or ranting here… just the verified intelligent truth and the information necessary to help restore value and ethics, to this wonderful community.
By owning the local media and justice system, the Atlantic County Government intentionally keeps us sick, in the dark, and divided. This is where that ends.