Atlantic County Criminal Protected by the Local Government and Justice System

Local Attorney Disbarred and Severely Jailed Over Ripping Off Residents

We read about government corruption every day, and while most folks that I talk to are self proclaimed experts on the subject, after 2 minutes of talking to them, I can tell that they don’t have a clue.

If you’re getting your facts from the local media or social media, then at best, you know what someone else wants you to know.

In the Daily Local News story Lawyer Gets Long Prison Sentence we read about an attorney who was disbarred and then sentenced to over Eleven years in prison for ripping off her Pennsylvania clients. But guess how many years she got for ripping off her Atlantic County clients?

Did you guess Zero? If so, then you truly may be an expert in Atlantic County Government corruption.

Local attorney Kristi Ann Fredericks of Brigantine, took a lot of money and gave a lot of hope to Atlantic County residents, but when she failed to deliver as promised, the Atlantic County Government protected her instead of prosecuting her.

Her client Ronald Vallone was counting on Kristy to help him and his family out when they were having trouble with an insurance company, but what they got instead was a long and expensive headache, and then a big smack in the face by our justice system.

The Vallones were neglected and treated as if they had done something wrong, when in fact they were simply asking the government to do it’s job. But as their family health, business, and finances hung in the balance, a Brigantine Judge and the Atlantic County Prosecutor, kicked them back and forth like bored kids with a soda can.

When Atlantic County failed to serve its community, Pennsylvania stepped up and took action against Fredericks, who swindled the Vallones. She was disbarred and sentenced to a landslide term of over eleven years in prison. Unfortunately, that action wasn’t taken before Atlantic County sided with their pal Fredericks, which allowed her to continue deceiving county residents and racking up victims.

Multiple Pennsylvania residents were awarded restitution and satisfaction when Fredericks was sentenced last week, but thanks to the Atlantic County Governments negligence, local victims won’t receive a single thing, including an apology.

Atlantic County once had a Division of Consumer Affairs, but it was a political front, which Denny Levinson disbanded when Freeholder Alisa Cooper came close to catching him perjuring himself by hiring friends and family.

The person that Cooper was after, was Denny’s “brother”, Robert Howie of Northfield. In order to hire Howie, Levinson and Deputy County Administrator Diana Rutala, had to falsify a host of documents, cheat Civil Service, deceive the Department of Personnel, and then lie about it all to the Freeholders.

As a result, we wound up with Howie as our Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs, but he was nothing more than a political hack, who spent his days campaigning for Denny on the county dime.

In Levinson’s own words “Unless a criminal was located on the inside of Howie’s eyelids, he’d never get caught”, which was fitting considering that court depositions describe Howie as “constantly sleeping at his desk”.

After Alisa Coopers allegations, Denny closed the Atlantic County Division of Consumer Affairs and then he retired his BFF Howie with a fat pension…

So where does a resident go now if they need help? Your best bet is to throw a “Do AC” magnet on your car and act like it never happened.

You won’t receive justice here if the person who harmed you went to school with the Atlantic County Judge Club, and if you complain about it, then you’re likely to find yourself to be the target, instead of the criminal.

Our local justice system is the laughing stock of the state, and no one’s laughing harder than the politicians who’re running it.

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