Atlantic County Healthcare Fraud, Who Knew, Who Cares?

Chris Christie, Frank LoBiondo, and County Executive Dennis Levinson. They had one dream… Take control of AC… They got what they wished for.

Hot local news flashes across your feed… You frantically rush to see what it’s about!

They made a deal with another person in the health fraud case, and someone has to pay back 4 million dollars to some insurance company. Woopitty doo.

Do Verizon or Comcast ever pay us back when they rip us off? Nope. Because when corporations get busted, they pay the government a fine, and we get nothing but an apology.

In fact, we rarely even get that, so isn’t it time that we at least get some legitimate news?

Catch the guys who ruined Atlantic City, or the judges who are on the take, or the prosecutor who runs the county like an episode of the Jersey Shore. Now that would be news. But as usual, the justice system and the media focus on nabbing everyone, except the real crooks.

Make a right on red at 2am and a traffic cam sends you a ticket in the mail, but the County Office pays out $375,000 in sexual harassment claims, and no one gets caught.

  • A traffic camera costs about $40,000 and it nets the municipality a $25 ticket.
  • A $150 security camera in the County Office, would save the community about $500,000 annually.

Am I the only one that sees an issue with this?

We have epic waste and criminal activity right under our noses, and we’re completely ignoring it… But we spend millions of dollars building mattress stores on the Black Horse Pike.

I care about health fraud, but I’m sick of throwing on the Bat Signal to catch a guy who ripped off Netflix, and then lighting birthday candle to catch the tool sack that spent Fifty-Million-Dollars on Airport Circle.

Which SUCKS beyond all that is holy.

So why aren’t we reading about what went wrong with Airport Circle? Or the Industrial Park? Or why local businesses can’t get aide, but we can spend Thirty-Million-Dollars coaxing out of state business here, and then not charge them taxes?

Every move that Atlantic County makes is riddled with nepotism, favoritism, cronyism, theft, fraud, and mismanagement. It caused our neighborhoods to become the foreclosure capital of America and it forced Atlantic City to fail.

What focus is being put on that? Isn’t the impending destruction of our community, worthy of the same news coverage that healthcare fraud gets?

Thanks to modern technology, a few fed up government employees, and an OPRA Website, politicians and their back-door-deals have finally been exposed. But no one is doing anything with the evidence, because our corrupt courthouse won’t go after its own.

So when I see that the people in the healthcare fraud case, are required to each pay millions of dollars in restitution to the insurance and drug companies, I have to ask, when are we getting our restitution?

Why aren’t the politicians being forced to pay back the money that they wasted on Airport Circle, Boscovs, and the fruitless Industrial Park?

You may not know it, but this county skims mega bucks of Atlantic City, and so does the State of New Jersey… In fact, the only ones NOT benefiting from Atlantic City, are the residents of Atlantic County.

We need city water, city sewer, recreation, and education. We need a sense of community back. We need thousands put into “smart economic development” not “millions wasted on constituent-based development”.

Maybe you don’t care about your home or your family’s future… That’s certainly your prerogative as an American. But don’t insult me by taking more of an interest in the Kardashians, than you do for the dirt that your grandparents got under their fingernails when they built this place.

I’m sorry that the drug companies, insurance companies, and government were defrauded by these people, but it’s suspicious and ridiculous that it’s covered before the preservation of community in Atlantic County.

Our system of justice has no balance, and we need to start demanding it. We’re certainly never going to be considered worthy of it in the eyes of the good-old-boys and elected officials.

We all know that this system is a complete failure, and yet we let every election pass, doing nothing at all. We’re not being forced to live this way, we’re choosing to.

The committees that the Atlantic County Govt. forms to solve this crisis, are their family, friends, and constituents. Their goal is to help themselves first, and then us if there’s anything left over.

Make your neighbors aware of whats going in this community, and inspire others to get involved. Bring back the historic beauty of Atlantic County, by focusing on the people who destroyed it.

Chasing reality stars down the rabbit hole is a political tactic to keep you preoccupied. If you open your eyes, you’ll find that the fox is in the hen house.

One Reply to “Atlantic County Healthcare Fraud, Who Knew, Who Cares?”

  1. Interesting perspective. You sound like a guy who’s been around Atlantic County politics for a bit! However, nope, your guess is quite far from the truth. I was an Investigator for Governor Christie and Dennis Levinson, and those two men committed heinous, illegal acts against this community regularly, which the Attorney General and media were fully aware of, but did nothing about.

    Instead, they threw us bones about random BS, which however illegal they might have been, paled in comparison to the crimes that our local politicians are committing in plain sight, every day. That was the message of the article.

    Thanks for reading and taking an interest. Sorry, but I couldn’t name a single person in the healthcare scandal. Why? Because until we rid the the Courthouse and the Atlantic County Office Building of the crooks that are destroying this community and stealing from it, I don’t see a point in spending millions of dollars, prosecuting a public works employee that stole $500 from an insurance company in Iowa.

    I do agree that both are illegal, I just don’t see the point in putting a bandaid on a finger, until we first sew the head back on the body.

    I hope you respect my perspective as much as I respect yours. When we instate a legitimate justice system here in Atlantic County, then we will prosecute all crooks, in order of importance, based the severity of the crime.

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