Atlantic County Snow Plow Destroys Road and Plow

Brine Salt and Sparks pour out from under and Atlantic County Plow truck as it rips away massive chunks of asphalt on a road with no snow. This previously fine road is now destroyed.

I’ve often told the story about the staggering pile of snow plow blades, which resides at Atlantic County’s Fleet Management Yard on Dolphin Ave. in Northfield. But telling the story about how they got there, pales in comparison to seeing how they got there.

As any plower will tell you, plowing is a skill… but of course, it also helps if there’s snow on the road.

Snow removal is big business for Dennis Levinson. Sure he wants voters and constituents happy, but more importantly, he doesn’t want any calls to his office during a snow storm… So how does he do it? He floods the entire County of Atlantic with brine salt, and he plows of course…

Unfortunately, since plow trucks looks good to voters… he even does it when there’s no snow.

If you’re paying no attention to the man behind the curtain, then you might enjoy the manicured road, but it’s at a steep cost to you indeed. Brine salt is one of the leading worst things on the planet for the environment, your health, and your car… So it’s also the worst thing for a county that’s filled with wetlands, farms, people, and $50k vehicles.

A vehicle that held up well for 15-20 years is now falling apart after 5, and you can thank Atlantic County’s brine for it. Over the last 6 years, local shops have been reporting that brake lines, exhausts, and suspension parts are failing prematurely at an alarming rate.

As for our health and the environment… You can’t find an article that doesn’t list road salt as catastrophic to people, soil, plants, and aquatic life… Popular Science Road Salt is TERRIBLE!

When I was a kid, you simply didn’t go out on the roads and take your life and the lives of others into your hands, unless it was an emergency… So what’s so hot in Atlantic County right now, that our roads need to be groomed during a nor’easter to look like a putting green?

Considering that we live in a society filled with kids sitting on the couch and playing with their phones all day, they sure need to get out on the roads during a state of emergency for some reason.

One look at this video and you’ll smell something wrong in Denmark…

We’re destroying our environment, depreciating our ridiculously over-priced vehicles, and then throwing millions of dollars to Levinsons constituents, whom will now get paid to fix this snow plow, and the entire road which has been seriously damaged.

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