Atlantic County Prosecutor Finally Takes a Stand… Against Themselves?

Fraud before Justice

In an epic example of the pot calling the kettle black, one of the most corrupt government agencies that I’ve ever dealt with, is finally speaking out against its internal corruption.

When a citizen calls the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office and attempts to report political corruption, the citizen is laughed at, hung up on, ignored, and in at least one case, pursued and harassed.

The story, which both and the Press of Atlantic City have been running this week, paints Atlantic County Prosecutor Daymon Tyner as a political hack, but he has been all along, so why is it a big deal now?

Why is it that political corruption in Atlantic County, only seems to matter during the two-months prior to elections? This has become as regular as 6 a.m. puppy business, and it smells about the same as well.

The story about Daymon Tyner is no exception.

His subordinates are up in arms about a mortgage company, but they didn’t care that he was screwing over 250,000 people in their community? Is it a bigger crime to steal from a private entity than it is a public one?

Shielding corrupt judges and politicians, and basing Atlantic County justice on political contributions, is a great reason for Tyner to get fired and thrown in jail. Screwing over a mortgage company is the company’s problem, not ours.

I will say this about Diane Ruberton; when Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson and Assistant County Counsel James Dugan, tried to convince her to falsely prosecute Atlantic County employees because they were whistle-blowers, she refused. So until I hear otherwise, she’s the shining diamond in all of this, and she gets my support and respect.

However, another of Tyners accusers is former Lieutenant Heather McManus, and while she was employed, she oversaw the prosecutors corruption unit. McManus directly received several communications from employees in the Atlantic County Department of Law, reporting official misconduct, sexual harassment, extortion, theft of funds, and corruption. But rather than do her job and intake the complaints, she knowingly fed false information, and rerouted the calls into oblivion.

Her judge-jury-executioner-attitude, cost county residents hundreds of thousands of dollars in out-of-court settlements, which were required to silence the victims of the crimes that McManus allowed to fester into easily-avoidable civil suits.

McManus even went so far as to use her official powers to remove the civil rights of an uncharged and innocent citizen, and it was all as a political favor to Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson.

The Atlantic County Administration has destroyed Atlantic City and earned us the honor of being the last place in America, in which the government has literally taken steps to legalize political corruption. We’re the only community in the country to repeal Pay-to-Play laws, so that constituents can make unlimited donations to county officials. If you don’t care about those things, then why would you care about Tyners mortgage?


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  1. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office is protected by Sovereign Immunity because it is assumed that it can do no wrong, and that it acts in the best interests of the citizens, and therefore should be protected from wrongful lawsuits. It seems that this office, led by Damon Tyner, has severe and extreme ethical problems. Clearly, that office does not deserve the protections of Sovereign Immunity. The Attorney General needs to take over this office and clean up the corruption. Sadly, Superior Court Judges, such as Donna Taylor, are required coordinate forces with the ACPO to perpetuate political alliances and unfortunately, constitutional injustice. The oath upon swearing into office means absolutely nothing. ATTORNEY GENERAL: WHERE ARE YOU?

    1. I couldn’t agree more. The last time that I attended a Levinson swearing in ceremony, he stood there in front of 150 people, with his hand on a bible, swearing to uphold laws, which had broken on the 8th floor 15 minutes prior. When someone from the prosecutors office asked why they still had to come to Atlantic City for county business, Levinson responded “I just built you guys a multi-million-dollar-state-of-the-art complex, what more do you want?”. The officer responded “well technically, the taxpayers built it”. That guy probably works for public works now.

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