Judge Savio Excuses Official Misconduct Caught on Tape

When we allow public officials to use their position for preferential treatment, we get screwed while they win big. Whenever you discuss it with the community, they always say… “Oh that’s nothing new, they’ve been doing that forever”. But did you know that it’s illegal and that it carries a mandatory five year prison sentence? Well it is, it does, the law is called “Official Misconduct”.

The audio above is a gross violation of the law, but because the offender is Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinsons best man, and the Superior Court Judge is one of Levinsons constituents, no charges were filed and no discipline was given.

This, and this alone is why Atlantic County New Jersey has been listed as one of the worst places in the country to live, for the last 5 years.

Mainstream media serves us the government Koolaid, and they blame it all on economics, but how naive can we be? Thanks to the casinos, were one of the wealthiest counties in the state, but because Levinson skims millions of  dollars off the top for his regime, we get nothing but poor.

The bottom line is… No one wants to live where criminals roam unchallenged, and innocent people are targeted… Especially when the judges are the criminals, and that my friends is Atlantic County.

We’ve all been pulled over at one time or another, and usually, unless you’re a jerk, it goes smooth! But what do you do when you’ve really messed up and you can’t get out of it?

Well if you’re best friends with Denny Levinson and you work for the Atlantic County Dept. of Law, then as heard in this recording, you’re home free!

Here’s an audio clip of an appointed Atlantic County Official, who’s also Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson’s pal, getting pulled over for driving an unregistered vehicle. This is a “towable” offense, but he simply claims that he’s a state official in order to get away with it.

To add insult to injury, he was NOT the state official that he claimed to be.

These offenses were presented to the Atlantic County Superior Court and the NJ Dept. of Law, neither would pursue them. However, the Judge did play golf with Levinson the following day.

So the next time that a pesky officer tries to nail you for being a law breaker, just take the ticket, because they’re only doing their job, but then play this audio for the judge when you go to court, and request the same treatment.

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