Judicial Complaints Shed Light on Thriving Atlantic County Corruption

When an Atlantic County Prosecutor suggested suicide to a sexual harassment victim, several readers wrote in and commented that Prosecutor Damon Tyner should issue an apology. Here’s why he never will.

While checking on Superior Court Judges in Atlantic County, political and social ties come to light.

The Supreme Court Code of Judicial Conduct clearly states that “A judge shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the independence, integrity and impartiality of the judiciary, and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety”.

“A judge shall decide cases without regard to whether particular laws or litigants are popular or unpopular with the public, the media, government officials, or the judge’s friends or family. Confidence in the judiciary is eroded if judicial decision-making is perceived to be subject to outside influences”.

So how was Atlantic County’s Judge James Savio, who was appointed by two witnesses in this civil suit, able to be so heavily involved with it?

That’s what we were wondering when we started to investigate.

The Judicial Code of Conduct was clearly written with one founding idea in mind, and that is; at no point should the public even remotely be able to suspect that justice might not have been served. Yet evidence we posted shows that justice was not served, so what gives?

The case in question, which lists Superior Court Judge Donna Taylor as John Doe defendant, was originally presided over by Judge Christopher Gibson. Right away, flags go up as Donna M. Taylor, President of the Atlantic County Bar Association, is one of the few attendee’s at Gibson’s swearing in ceremony.

Then in a baffling maneuver, Taylor herself takes over the case, even though witness testimony describes insurance fraud, sexual harassment and whistleblower retaliation, all of which Taylor either participated in or witnessed.

After Taylor is forced to give the case up, Judge James Savio takes it over and throws it out. Not exactly the “the right to a trial” that we all read about in the history books, but a quick search on Google explains a few of the mysteries.

Article shows the social and political aspirations of at least three of those involved with the famous whistleblower case against the Atlantic County Government, which is now in the Appellate Division for review.

While the article itself doesn’t prove that any of the judges are guilty of misconduct, according to New Jersey’s Judicial Code, it proves that none of them should’ve ever presided over or expressed interest in the case.

To our knowledge, Appellate Judge Bill Nugent, the former Atlantic County Counsel that hired Donna Taylor as an assistant, is the only one who recused himself.

Stay tuned for more information on the case and the connections.

5 Replies to “Judicial Complaints Shed Light on Thriving Atlantic County Corruption”

  1. My Atlantic County, NJ judge lied, multiple times, about testimony and evidence from our divorce trial at the final judgement in order to justify his extremely biased (I believe, pre-arranged) and injurious decisions. I proved this in a grievance to the Judicial committee but they did nothing. How is lying being ethical? I also filed a motion to re-open my divorce case based on my x-husband’s coercive behavior, perjury and fraud but 2nd judge put my case in ABEYANCE almost 2 years ago and is, apparently, refusing to make a decision. I proved this in a grievance to the judicial committee but they did nothing. How is this being diligent?

    1. You’re the third complaint that I’ve recvd this year, claiming the same thing! There’s a petition going around, forcing the judicial committee to reprimand its constituents, and a class action suit is forming against them. Here’s a link.

      1. The same thing happened to me. I appreciate and support the work you are doing to expose the situation, and I do think those affected should come together, However, I dont think a class action suit is the way to go for several reasons. The first and foremost issue is that a class action suit is a civil suit and while there is definitely a civil component due to the extensive damages caused by these corrupt and egregious acts, these are crimes and we should be coming together to insist these incidents be investigated criminally. Secondly, a class action ties up each individual involved and even those not involved in a combined litigation as opposed to separate litigation for each offense based on the individual facts of the crime and the extent of damage per count. Third, there’s the issue of statute of limitations, and other technicalities that could easily get the case dismissed and then we are done. Those that signed up for the class action can not then litigate their case separately. And let’s, face it, the court is corrupt but very very clever and it’s not just corruption among those in high positions, never underestimate the power of secretaries and clerks who have the responsibility to handle the paperwork and filing. They can in essence file what they want when the want for who they want- and believe me they do. Check out the salaries of the secretary/clerks in Atlantic County. Some have been working there only 5-6 years and they are making $94,000 per year as secretarial law clerks. That’s 49% higher than anywhere else. Also, check out their relationships to the judges and lawyers. One woman who makes $94,000 is clerk to the main judge and her husband is an attorney who works in Atlantic County as both a private lawyer doing civil and criminal defense AND A is also a Prosecutor in 4 municipalities in Atlantic county. He makes $210,000 total for his work as a prosecutor and then he represents private clients on the side in the same courts, and his wife is the Assignment judge’s clerk making $94,000. If you have a civil case and he’s the anther person’s attorney, how do you think that’s going to go. Let me tell you from experience not good. Also, did I mention he’s also next door neighbors with the assistant prosecutor? All this conflict of interest, yet he’s allowed to appear as an attorney in front of the judge that his wife clerks for and neither the judge or the attorney think it’s a problem or a conflict of interest. Of course it isn’t, bc what it is, is a total setup and the other guy has no change at a fair hearing or of any type of due process. No. This is a crime and this should be investigated on a federal level. If we come together I bet we have more than enough tangible evidence to at least get the federal investigators something to work with. If we approach it like the crime that it is, we may get some justice.. In addition, we will have preserved our right to sue civilly as individuals. Third, and no offense to lawyers in general, but who do you think gets the money from a class action suit? Not the victims! It’s the attorneys that get most of the money don’t forget courts costs. So in essence the system that harmed us actually ends up benefiting. The blatantly egregious behavior that is occurring must be stopped bc it’s a crime. Let’s join forces and pursue criminal charges. They may be able to sweep one of us under the rug, but they can’t sweep 51 of us under the rug. I am more than willing to get together with whoever would like to pursue criminal charges and we can figure out how to go about it together. I am not putting my real name, but I can be reached at the email provided if anyone I would like to discuss it further. If we decide to do it this way, discretion is important. Dont let the opposition know what’s coming bc this bunch will clean it all up and be a step again of us if we go that way with it. Remember, it’s not the system, or the constitution or the laws. They all make our country great and allow us to be fee and prosper. Don’t let a few scumbag low life douchebags, trample on the rights that people have died to preserve. That have no right, they should be ashamed of themselves and they need to be prosecuted for their disrespect and disregard if the American justice system that they were entrusted to uphold. contact me at Courtneyviktum@gmail.com. Together we can get justice for the crimes committed against us.

          1. Daniel Alsofrom
            Municipal prosecutor for Linwood, Northfield, egg harbor ? Maybe Marmora. He is my ex husbands divorce attorney and I discovered after we were divorced that my ex husband forged my name on a quit claim deed transferring our house to himself and then hid it in a land trust and sold it and kept all the money. I went to the police after having the deed examined by a forensic document examiner confirming it’s a forgery and they turned over to the Prosecutor Daniel Alsofrom who declined to prosecute by lying and saying the statue of limits that run out (not true at all). I told the police the relationship and asked him to recuse. He refused. I am back in court bc of this and Alsofrom is representing my ex on this same issue. OMG! And believe me there is more.

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