Officials Testimony Confirms Atlantic County’s Brutal Retaliation Protocol

You’ve read about the sexual harassment, corruption, falsified documents, official misconduct, perjury, Pay-to-Play violations, extortion, retaliation, ethics violations, and mismanagement, which are taking place in the Atlantic County Dept. of Law.

The following is a high-ranking-government-officials testimony, and it describes the “playground style antics” which I’ve mentioned in the past.

It’ll confirm your suspicions and conspiracy theories, and it’ll leave you feeling angry, scared, and uncomfortable.

As you read on, keep in mind that this is what your taxes are paying for, and that this is alone why Atlantic County has been nationally labeled as a failure.

You’ll read about tax payer funded investigations into someones heel being stepped on, County Counsels committing insurance fraud, Linwood City Council work being performed on county time, nepotism which they deny exists, and the completely dysfunctional atmosphere in Atlantic County’s Law Dept.

This is the testimony that was kept from public review, by Atlantic County’s most powerful leaders, as well as their defense attorney, and Judge James Savio.

Are you ready to discover who Alisa Cooper was talking about when she accused them of Nepotism? How Linwood maintains its political edge over the rest of our municipalities? Who sleeps at their desk? The truth behind the Prosecutor Suicide Call? Then read on.

Introduction to Assistant Atlantic County Counsel Donna Taylor, now a Superior Court Judge. Stepping on your co workers shoe carries deadly consequences in the Atlantic County Department of Law… Is this insurance fraud?


Donna Taylors complaint was juvenile.

How dare you spread lies about me to an employee while I’m trying to harass him and get him fired!

Sexual harassment, repeatedly reported to the county EEO Susan Gross, but it was repeatedly ignored so it was able to fester.


See our story Impersonating and Officer

Atlantic County Counsel Ferguson finds it funny that Atlantic County citizens are being ripped off by his subordinate.

Why weren’t the days substantiated? Because audio, video, email, and witness testimony, revealed that the defendants were in fact with Vuocolo on many of the days in question.

How’s that for a HIPAA violation? And you thought that your medical records were private. Joking about suicide is politically correct if your a County Counsel, and discussing it with Deputy County Administrator Diana Rutala too? She’s in charge of Human Resources, but there’s no help coming when she’s out to get you as a politcal favor.

Donna Taylor seems well aware of what’s going on with Vuocolo, so it’s odd that she’ll preside over his case once she becomes a Superior Court Judge. Talk about a high threshold for recusal.

Uh oh, now tatoo’s are being descriminated against too? All those poor soldiers… Well don’t worry, at least this all took place before they became so popular with innocent teenagers too.

Assistant County Counsel Donna Taylor thinks that her boss is sick.

Wow… Speak the whole truth, be cleared in court, get called garbage for it. So… I guess he’s not pissed that it’s happening, just pissed that he’s getting caught?

Was Alisa Cooper on to something? Comical ethics… Abusing public trust and authority… No big deal… Discussing it with others… Unethical!

See now at this point, a rational human would’ve said, hey should we just apologize to this guy? Nah, lets pay attorneys $500 an hour for the next 10 years and then bill it to the taxpayers. After all, it’s not like we have the highest forclosure rate in America and should be spending the money more wisely.

Why would Donna Taylor think that Denny would be pissed?

Sure you guys can harass me all you like. I’m just happy that I can entertain you and help to pass the work day.

Crap! Am I the only one that didn’t donate to Levinson? Gee whiz. No wonder I’m being called garbage.

Are you like me? Would you like to become a Linwood City Council President, but you simply just can’t find the time? No problem, get a job in the Law Dept., and let all the residents of Atlantic County pay you to do it!

This entire incident occurred over an arrogant power-trip.

When I informed Atlantic County that we were non-compliant with the State of New Jersey, all they needed to do, was to allow me to fix it.

Instead, they conspired to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars hiding it, they destroyed the careers of honest county employees as a warning to all others, and then they tainted our courthouse in order to insure it.

Two of those partly responsible for this were made Superior Court Judges, and the others have all prospered and flourished. This is who’s looking out for you, your children, and this community.

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