Month: December 2017

Judicial Complaints Shed Light on Thriving Atlantic County Corruption

When an Atlantic County Prosecutor suggested suicide to a sexual harassment victim, several readers wrote in and commented that Prosecutor Damon Tyner should issue an apology. Here’s why he never will. While checking on Superior Court Judges in Atlantic County, political and social ties come to light. The Supreme Court Code of Judicial Conduct clearly states that “A […]

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Officials Testimony Confirms Atlantic County’s Brutal Retaliation Protocol

You’ve read about the sexual harassment, corruption, falsified documents, official misconduct, perjury, Pay-to-Play violations, extortion, retaliation, ethics violations, and mismanagement, which are taking place in the Atlantic County Dept. of Law. The following is a high-ranking-government-officials testimony, and it describes the “playground style antics” which I’ve mentioned in the past. It’ll confirm your suspicions and […]

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An inside look at the Atlantic County Government, thanks to New Jersey’s OPRA Law

Gavin Rozzi’s new website OPRA Machine is an amazing new tool, which instantly rectifies the outdated and “intentionally cumbersome” practice of filing a New Jersey Open Public Records Act request to state and local government agencies. Here’s how this transformational new tool has enabled Atlantic County News to report on the inner workings of the […]

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