Officer Fired for Blowing the Whistle on Atlantic County Corruption

My name is Jim Vuocolo. I was a Consumer Affairs Investigator for the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, and then a New Jersey Weights and Measures Officer. My jurisdiction was Atlantic County, and my office was in the Atlantic County Department of Law, on the 8th Floor of the Atlantic County Office Building, in Atlantic City.

It was a small floor, so I worked within a 30 foot radius of the County Counsels, the County Administrator, and the County Executive at all times. My immediate supervisor was Atlantic County Consumer Affairs Director Robert Howie and my Department Head was Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson. If you have not read my civil complaint yet, you should do so now.

On my first day in the Law Dept., I was told by Director Howie that the State of New Jersey was pissed at our office, because we had been falsifying documents to them for decades. I confirmed that with the State of New Jersey, and by now, you should know, that I recorded everything and sent it all certified mail as well.

The Atlantic County government did not want to change this, and so we immediately butt heads. I wanted to protect the community and our consumers, but the county just wanted to generate revenue for themselves.

I refused to falsify the documents and checks, but when I did, my supervisor simply did it instead.

As Per NJSA 51:1-46 Robert Howie Was Not Legally Allowed to Complete this Report
New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs does Not Exist

I complained to everyone in County and State Govt., who were required to address and end this corruption, but they ignored me first, and then they began to harass me afterward.

I complained that the Politically Appointed Director of the Atlantic County Division of Consumer Affairs, was illegally completing Weights and Measures law enforcement work.

Two years later, Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson, simply tried to repeal the law that I was enforcing.

Document Lists All Defendants in My Civil Suit

Early on, the Atlantic County Govt. assigned Linwood City Council President/ Assistant County Counsel Donna Taylor to defeat me, and she accomplished this with her ex-coworker Jack Gorney of the law firm Fox Rothschild,

Donna Taylor and Jack Were Friends and Co-Workers

And her friend Art Murray, of the defense attorneys Jacobs and Barbone, and they all refused to play by the rules.

Donna Taylor Tells Jacobs and Barbone How to Cheat the Law and Maintain Exclusivity

During this time, I was also a witness in a sexual harassment investigation against my Department Head, Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson.

Unfortunately, my first Judge was Judge Gibson, and Donna Taylor got to him too.

Lists Donna Taylor as a Friend and President of the Bar Association

My case had to go to Cape May County, because as Atlantic County Judge James Savio admitted, Atlantic Judges refused to hear my attorneys cases.

Atlantic County had their Psychiatrist Doctor Gary Glass claim that I was a mess, but that it had nothing to do with my superiors harassing me. I think his name is here.. Hey wait a minute, why is Gary Glass giving so much money to my defendants?

But fortunately, I got a new Judge! And then unfortunately… it was Donna Taylor… One of my defendants.

So they gave me to Judge Savio, and I immediately started receiving calls from friends and attorneys, claiming that “Savio was the County’s Boy”, and that he was close with my defendants and previously defended them.

Savio claims that he’s impartial and that those things aren’t material, but if he’s so impartial, then why did he “lose his temper” and make derogatory statements against my counsel? And why is he so Hell Bent on keeping my case, even after we asked him to recuse himself?

Based on what Judge Savio wrote, it seems to me that he’d never want to hear a VanSyoc case again, yet he outright refused to recuse himself.

He took all of the evidence and the law, and then threw it out the window.

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