Atlantic County Sexual Harassment Payouts Fly Right Below the Radar

Spy plane designed to resemble out of court settlements- Undetectable

Thanks to Gavin Rozzi’s “OPRA Machine” website, the Atlantic County Government can no longer pretend to be transparent. Now they must do it for real.

It’s makes you wonder… Why are politicians worried that they have to raise our taxes or cut Police Officers and Fireman, but they’re not worried about paying hundreds of thousands in out of court settlements?

Where is this money coming from? Who knows. The insurance company doesn’t even know about them, so go figure.

It took us years to find out about these, so how many more are there?

But alas, I’m getting ahead of myself. I should first say that these are the out-of-court sexual harassment settlements against Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson, or at least these are two of them, because there were definitely more complaints.

Phew what a relief to get these out. So many county employees and pals of the defendants were denying them, that I was starting to wonder myself. ENJOY!



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