More Bad News for the Atlantic County Govt. Recordings Reveal Dispicable Acts of Appointed Official

Assistant Atlantic County Counsel James Dugan

Losing the Sheriffs position and their real estate partners in Galloway was a devastating and unsuspected blow for the Atlantic County Government, but it’s not the worst news today.

Assistant County Counsel James Dugan, the Cape May County resident, who brags to his coworkers that he obtained his county job by making a sizable campaign contribution, just can’t seem to steer clear of official misconduct.

Recently obtained audio recordings were posted, and they spotlight Dugan committing ethics violations, threatening employees and citizens, and retaliating against political foes using government agencies!

The recordings, which were turned over in Vuocolo vs. the Atlantic County Government, to Atlantic County’s defense attorney, literally go on for hundreds of hours, and  they detail multiple episodes of Dugan’s official misconduct. Superior Court Judge James Savio, who formerly worked with and defended the Atlantic County Government, was informed that Vuocolo’s complaints were frivolous, but the audio, emails, and testimony paint a very harsh, dark, and different picture of Vuocolo’s torture at the hand of Dugan.

The recordings expose a recklessly unprofessional and hostile work environment in the Atlantic County Administration, but now it seems that there’s even more to it than meets the eye.

Abusing the powers that he was granted by the NJ Bar Association and the Atlantic County Government, Dugan cornered and interrogated Vuocolo, threatening him and forcing him to discuss his case, all while Vuocolo was represented by counsel. Dugan is heard stating that Atlantic County will retaliate, using government agencies, unless Vuocolo drops his litigation, and in another instance, Dugan claims that he was just getting started, and that things were going to get much worse for Vuocolo.

These were just the tip of the iceberg.

Dugan takes on the role of Judge, Jury, and Executioner, denying groups of citizens their rights to damages under New Jerseys Consumer Protection Laws. In one instance, while acting as Atlantic County’s Superintendent of Weights and Measures, Dugan ordered his subordinate to ignore contaminated fuel, allowing it to be dispensed and causing thousands of dollars in damages to members of the community. And In other instances, Dugan presented undeserved perks and funds to political allies.

Their must be hundreds of Atlantic County residents, who’d love to have a county job. So why are we looking to Cape May to fulfill public service positions?

And if the fundamental rule of attorney ethics is that you’re not supposed to lie, how can attorneys and judges intentionally dismiss allegations, when they’ve reviewed recordings which prove them to be true? The voters have spoken and change is coming. Hopefully, it brings answers to these questions.



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    1. Agreed. But when you run the county office like a litter box, it’s really no surprise that it will fill up with turds. Thank you for commenting.

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