Highest Levels of Cancer and Obesity Causing Chemicals found in Atlantic County’s Drinking Water


“Samples from Atlantic showed the highest readings”. That’s what NJ.Com had to say about the chemical “teflon” which was discovered in New Jerseys drinking water, and at it’s most potent concentration, in Atlantic County.

Reporter Kathleen O’Brien then goes on to explain that “The chemicals have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, high cholesterol and obesity, the last two because they confuse the body’s nature metabolism”.

Sadly, Kathleens story isn’t exactly news, because we’ve all suspected that these things were going on, but her article offers proof and statistics, which are a little scarier than chit chat in the Wawa parking lot. The old Lenox China property, now Barrett, has long been feared by residents as a toxic dumping ground, but we also have always hoped that the government was doing it’s job to monitor and correct these issues.

Although, after reading our story on the Atlantic County Government, intentionally contaminating the soil and then trying to hide it, we know that’s not the case. To ad insult to injury, Atlantic County is one of the few left in New Jersey that still relies upon ground/ well water for an amazing amount of it’s drinking water, as well as for all of its farming and produce irrigation!

If you haven’t already, check out Kathleens story here and and Anthony Bellano’s story here. And while you’re at it, get yourself a water test, because they’re always free! In most cases, early detection is critical, and there are also treatments preventative measures, which are readily available locally.

If you’re ready for the truth, then read this report on the Lenox China Property

Ever since the State of New Jersey got into the real estate business with the Lenox property, the details of the lead contamination have mysteriously vanished!

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