How to Cheat the Civil Service Exam and Nail the Test!

Everyone knows that government jobs are civil service, and most of us have heard about the civil service test, but what does it mean? Well, it used to mean that you took a test, and whoever scored best got the job. Pretty simple right? Of course, there were a few exceptions, and those were that veterans and minorities had preference. So even if you scored higher than a veteran or minority, they’d get preference for being hired, which makes sense… Except for the fact that it’s all 100% USA Certified Bullshit!

There is usually no actual test at all. You just fill out your application, and that’s the test. So if you don’t use all caps or do it in crayon, then you’re lookin good! So how do you score then? Well that’s the beauty of it… no one cares! Why, because chances are that the government already hired the person that “they wanted”, and you taking the test was merely a formality, which makes them look like they tried to be compliant.

Example: A woman from the Atlantic County Health Dept. wants to hire her niece as an inspector, so she does, and the niece is now “provisional” in her position. Once she passes the civil service test, then she’ll be permanent, so the Atlantic County Government posts the position with the Civil Service Commission, and it’s advertised for 30 days. During that time 29,000 Atlantic County Residents pay $25 each to take a civil service test, for a job that they’re never going to get. The test results come back, but ooop’s, there’s a veteran on it. No problem, give him a job sand blasting over at public works.

This goes on all day, every day. Hundreds of thousands of residents are duped into believing that they might get a government job for a $25 application fee, and boy I’d love to see the balance of that account!

However, I will say that if you’re only trying to get a low level shit shoveler job in public works, then yes, you’ll actually have to go through the process, and if a veteran or minority applies, then they’ll most certainly get the job. Why? Because the politicians call those jobs “quota fillers”,  so it’s usually where you’ll find all of the vets and minorities.

I remember that John Paff filed an OPRA request a few years back on the following issue… Explaining how two New Yorkers were given prestigious, high-paying jobs within the State of New Jersey, and they had no competition whatsoever. It’s important to note that you must live in New Jersey in order to apply to work for the government here.

When New Jersey Office of Weights and Measure needed to hire two new inspectors, it was faced with quite a dilemma; They wanted to hire two friends, but the two lived in New York, plus how could they be sure that a woman, African American, or veteran wouldn’t apply and get the job instead? Easy, they established an impossible standard, which would rule out all competition.

What was the impossible standard? In the job posting, they listed that all applicants must have passed the New Jersey Weights and Measures, Basic Training Course. The only problem is, state law requires that you have to already be a Weights and Measures Officer, before you can take that course! Therefore, the only people who were able to apply for the job, were people who were already Weights and Measures Officers! Yikes! Imagine if the only way to become a policeman or a fireman was to already be one.

During a recorded conversation with a supervisor from the New Jersey Civil Service Commission, they stated that “the Office of Weights and Measures had not notified them that openings were available”, and that “such a feat was not legally possible”. Nevertheless, the two New Yorkers already had completed the basic training course, so they were given jobs earning nearly $90,000 each annually. I’ll bet a few New Jerseyans would’ve really loved those jobs!

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During another recorded conversation with a state inspector, it was explained that the process was completed this way, because “the supervisor, didn’t want to get stuck with an old veteran or an African American”.

And just what kind of “expertise” did these costly violations of civil rights gain us? We get unethical and unqualified inspectors, riding around slapping $35 seals on things that they haven’t even inspected! To add insult to injury, since the merchants pay thousands of dollars annually for these government services, they add it into the prices of their goods. So we’re not protected, and we’re paying more. Yay… Just in time for the holidays.

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