Impersonating an Officer gets Rewarded in the Atlantic County Department of Law

Falsified Inspection Report for Formica’s Bakery in Northfield


Even while under investigation for falsification of documents, two men in the Atlantic County Department of Law, continue to complete Official State Law Enforcement business and get PAID!

Is it arrogance, do they think that we don’t care, or are they doing it for fun? You’d like to think that no Atlantic County Employee is intentionally breaking the law, and even if they were, that they’d at least be smart enough to not do it daily, but what does it say when they continue doing it, while under investigation for it, and then brag about it? How are they so confident that the Atlantic County Prosecutor or the State Attorney General will not come after them?

Well this exact scenario has been going on in Atlantic County for decades, and it continues to this day. The Atlantic County Government is statutorily obligated to complete Weights and Measures inspections for the State of New Jersey, and when they do, they get paid BIG. But evidence and testimony, which was turned over to Superior Court Judge James Savio, indicate that Atlantic County regularly completed inspections, even when they had no equipment or officers! Lol… Now that’s efficiency!

Journal turned over in discoveryThis journal; turned over by an officer in discovery, bears testimony that political appointments were flashing credentials and ordering payments.

Tape recorded phone calls, emails, certified letters to the State of New Jersey, falsified checks, falsified inspection reports, and signed testimony, all show that two political appointments in Atlantic Countys Law Dept., simply pretend to be Weights and Measures Officers. What’s worse is that overwhelming evidence show that it’s been going on since the 90’s, and that the State of New Jersey is fully aware of it.

The following complaint Vuocolo vs. Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson

Was filed nearly a decade ago, and has been hidden and suppressed at all costs by the Atlantic County Courthouse ever since. Atlantic County has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting and hiding this issue, which they claim never occurred. Well then why not just let the guy pay for his trial and lose?

But when we see Official State Inspection Reports for Formica’s Bakery in Northfield, which were completed during the period that the county had no Weights and Measures Officer, it has to make you wonder. Or what about the fact that Atlantic City lists its Weights and measures contact as Assistant County Counsel James Dugan, when he’s merely a political appointment with no Weights and Measures training or credentials?

Lists James Dugan as in charge of Weights and Measures, but New Jersey says otherwise.

51:1-47. No other person to engage as superintendent, etc.
No person, other than a superintendent, assistant superintendent or honorary or special assistant superintendent appointed in accordance with the provisions of this article, shall be engaged, or act, in any capacity as superintendent or assistant superintendent, sealer or inspector of weights and measures.

If you read or story on Atlantic County Counsel James Dugan

Then you know that he was accused of abusing his subordinate… who coincidentally was a Weights and Measures Officer. To add insult to injury, Dugan maliciously fired his employee, and then with the help of the State Office of Weights and Measures, Dugan appointed his friend Robert Spiegel to replace him… Spiegel was Acting Superintendent of Atlantic County Weights and Measures when he was arrested for embezzlement.

However, right before Spiegel was arrested, he and Atlantic County’s current Weights and Measures Officer, Nicole Lambert, were publicly commended for having completed a physically impossible number of inspections in one day… and getting paid BIG. Wow… Or should I say woe.


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