Atlantic County Officials Promote Sexual Harassment and Hardcore Abuse of Employees


Our story , which exposed play-ground style behavior in Atlantic County’s most prestigious department, has inspired more victims to come forward, and more horror stories to be told.

Among the most terrifying are Atlantic County Counsel James Fergusons sexual harassment woes, and Assistant Atlantic County Counsel James Dugan’s inhumane treatment of his subordinate.

Sources and public records reveal that Atlantic County’s Executive Office, took in multiple sexual harassment complaints, from at least four women, against the Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson. Those complaints led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and out of court settlements… But don’t expect to hear about them, because they were specifically kept from the freeholder board, as well as the county’s insurance agency. Which means… they intentionally made your taxes pay for it.

According to record, four women filed with the Atlantic County EEO Officer, but sadly, the county assigns that job to an assistant county counsel… So, Fergusons own subordinate, would’ve had to hear the complaints. Considering that county counsel positions are political appointments, even Scooby and Shaggy could deduce that these victims had no chance.

So where does that leave us and the victims of Jim Fergusons uncontrollable urges? Well two women filed in Superior Court, and the county settled out of court, but they had to sign gag orders. One woman was fired, one women was transferred, another woman retired to get away from it, one man was fired for standing up for the women, and another woman was demoted / transferred.

And what about Assistant County Counsel James Dugan? Seven years worth of emails, certified letters, audio, and a court deposition were turned over to Superior Court Judge James Savio; graphically revealing intense and barbaric phycological and emotional abuse that he inflicted upon his subordinate daily. He verbally abused his employee, ordered them to break the law, demeaned them, threatened them, and then bragged about how he enjoyed it to his coworkers.

By now you can figure out what this cost us… But not just monetarily… sure that’s obvious, but what about the decade’s worth of experience and diligent commitment to public service that we lost when these victims were given the boot? These were Americans who were fighting to protect and reinstate family values in our community.

What good are casinos, jobs, traffic lights, and shopping malls if our values, ethics, and morals must be traded for them? Atlantic County is a beautiful farming community with just the right amount of great shopping and recreation. Why are our politicians trying so desperately to change the things that have kept most of us living here?

Forget Amazon and forget Barrett… they’re nice additions to the community, but they’re inadequate solutions to the underlying problems. Abuse of power and leaders who’s minds are on their own sick agendas are what has made Atlantic County the foreclosure capital of the country.

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