Your Taxes Paying Repeat Offender Sexual Harassment Payouts.

Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson

Atlantic County is an awesome place to live in (lol… okay well at least it has the potential to be) and love your surroundings. Nature, history, and nightlife! We got it!

I’ve always said that if I was going to tell you how to lower your taxes at the freeholder meeting, then maybe three people would show up, but if one of the Philadelphia Eagles was at Wawa drinking coffee, then the line would wrap around the building twice. Okay so football is more popular than politics, big whoop.

Unfortunately, that’s not the real message here. Maybe on the surface football is more popular than politics, but beneath the surface, it equates to football taking priority over your constitutional rights and the long-term health of the community. Hopefully, most of us have enough room in our hearts to love both!

Far be it from me to tell you how you should look at this, but I’ll say this; you’re doing exactly what “they” want you to do. The Atlantic County Government wants you content, relaxed, oblivious, uninvolved, and pre-occupied. Which is why Freeholder Meetings are held at 4:30 in Northfield, as opposed to 6:30 in Mays Landing.

In fact, although all county offices within the State of New Jersey are located within their county seat, Atlantic had to spend tens-of-millions of dollars putting their county office in Atlantic City… As a perk to the County Executive.

It costs us millions in waste annually!

It places critical county services at the extreme North-Eastern border of the county, in the town with the most traffic, and no parking. Why? Because they obviously don’t want visitors.

So how is Atlantic County being inaccessible and keeping us preoccupied with mindless garbage costing us money?

The 8th floor of the Atlantic County Office Building, located in Atlantic City New Jersey, houses the highest paid and most powerful elected and appointed officials within the county, and guess what they’re doing for most of the day?

Reading the newspaper, shopping on Amazon, conducting personal affairs, campaigning, and a Hell of a lot of BS-ing! Evidence turned over as discovery in civil suits against the Atlantic County Government, show the majority of the county’s top floor doing a whole lot of nothing!

Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson, and several of his Assistant County Counsels, spending hours every morning, reading the newspaper, playing on the internet, and conducting personal business, while on county time, using county resources.

It doesn’t stop there either… numerous cases of sexual harassment filed against the Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson, have cost several women their jobs, health, or positions. And Atlantic County has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Jacobs and Barbone, in order to keep these complaints out of court and hidden from the taxpayers.

Even after the Atlantic County Government settled law suits against Counsel Ferguson, they asked Governor Christy to make him a Superior Court Judge. Fortunately, the New Jersey State Police denied the request, because Ferguson is a repeat-offender-sexual-harasser with outstanding litigation.

But that disgraceful behavior wasn’t enough for Levinson to fire him over, and the county doesn’t even seem embarrassed that their chief justice has the Morales and ethics of a stink bomb.

Heck at least with a stink bomb, we all eventually get a laugh out of it.

So one judge was blocked, but dozens of others snuck into the Atlantic County Courthouse, because we were preoccupied with our busy lives. But could you admit that to a woman who became suicidal over relentless sexual harassment?

Being “politically correct” is a cowardly and inefficient substitute for being a considerate member of society.

Nepotism, patronage, racism, abuses of power, and pay to play violations are daily business in the Atlantic County Office building

It’s time we passed legislation to install security cameras on the Administrative floor of the county office. That way the taxpayers can log on and see what their tax dollars are paying for.

I’ll even pay for the whole thing myself.

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