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Atlantic County Judge Donna Taylor Used Govt. Email to Gather Levinson Support

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… The State of New Jersey passes laws to prevent political corruption, but in Atlantic County, the politicians then pass resolutions to allow their top contributors to side step the law. As if that isn’t bad enough, they’re using your car, your computer, your email, and your wallet […]

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A recent study performed by an imaginary independent firm, revealed some shocking results at an Elementary School in Atlantic County New Jersey. Students were blind folded and then asked to identify several different objects, but the results were far below par when compared to the national average. The biggest failure rate was noted in the […]

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An inside look at the Atlantic County Government, thanks to New Jersey’s OPRA Law

Gavin Rozzi’s new website OPRA Machine is an amazing new tool, which instantly rectifies the outdated and “intentionally cumbersome” practice of filing a New Jersey Open Public Records Act request to state and local government agencies. Here’s how this transformational new tool has enabled Atlantic County News to report on the inner workings of the […]

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