Atlantic County Judge Taylor-Caught Again!

Superior Court Judge Donna Taylor

You have to love the Atlantic County Government… Well, certainly comedians do, because where else on Earth could you possibly find a more dedicated bunch of Jack-Asses to give you so much material. has been steadily supplying you with evidence of corruption in the Atlantic County Government, and although no one seemed to care much until now, crooked judges seem to be the “last straw” for the community.

Our story about the Atlantic County Judge Club included Superior Court Judge Donna Taylor, who was appointed to the bench as a political favor to Dennis Levinson. Donna Taylor was an Assistant Atlantic County Counsel, Chairman of the Atlantic County Bar Association, and Chairman of the Linwood City Council. The latter of the two were personal business that she conducted on county time, and you paid her to do it.

Aside from her extensive plastic surgery… I have yet to see Judge Taylor concerned with improving Atlantic County.

While employed by the Atlantic County Dept of Law, Taylor was reported by her co workers for committing insurance fraud, double-dipping, sexual harassment, and official misconduct… All of which were swept under the carpet by Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson.

So how did we get stuck with Taylor as a Judge? When the State of New Jersey announced that it would be naming a new chairman to the Casino Control Commission, Taylor ran down the hall to Levinson and she demanded it for herself…

And as those of us who worked for Levinson knew, he gave Donna Taylor WHATEVER she wanted… And the list of gifts was long indeed.

However, there was a twist. Levinson is a habitual patronage guy, so whenever a government position opens, he immediately moves a constituent or family member into it, and this was no exception… And the trouble with a snake is, you never know which way it’s going to slither. So Levinson gave the job to his son Mathew instead.

This made Donna Taylor furious (after all, crooks can’t stand being cheated)… So Denny offered her a Judgeship as a consolation prize. A huge advancement for Donna Taylor, but a massive setback for the already ailing Atlantic County community.

Since then, Taylor hasn’t done a thing to improve Atlantic County, but she’s certainly done a few things to make it worse.  In the story Judge Taylor Denies Appeal that the Press of Atlantic City ran, it’s obvious that Taylor has done the absolute last thing we need; contaminated the courthouse with her under-the-table-wicked-ways.

Maybe the community didn’t mind her narcissistic, vindictive, personal agenda when she was Levinsons lap girl in the County Office Building, but now she’s in a position to really hurt the community… Innocent people… Our Children, and our livelihoods.

When I read the story about Guidance Supervisor Michael Ryan and how his life was destroyed as a result of Donna Taylors negligence, I wasn’t surprised at all. The Ryans are the fifth or sixth family that I’ve seen Judge Taylor deny access to the justice system, and she does it all as a professional favor to her constituents.

I’m glad that the Ryans had Donio as an attorney and that he was persistent. Every other attorney that I know, would’ve just taken their money and then ran out the statute of limitations as a favor to the judge. I’m also glad that the press chose to cover the story, because they’re expressly forbidden to say anything negative about the Levinson gang.

Unfortunately, neither of those good deeds do a thing for the wake of victims who came before the Ryans… The people in our community who lost everything, because they played by the rules, while Judge Taylor wrote her own.

These are your neighbors, but you’ll never read about them, and they’ll never get the justice that they’re due as Americans. And until they do, Atlantic County will never prosper, and it will never be a safe, happy, healthy place to live.

The media would have you believe that the streets of Atlantic County are not safe… But  with a mugger, you just give them your wallet and they go away. The courthouse on the other hand, wants your career, your health, your home, and your freedom… and if they don’t get their way, they’ll go after your wife and kids too.

This is only the beginning of how bad life in Atlantic County is going to get… The worst part is, they tell you that they’re trying to make it better, but they’re not. Criminals like Judge Taylor Could never exist without the full support of both political parties, and she get’s it ten-fold.

Don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe that back-door-deals with the NJ Economic Development Authority, or revisions to Airport Circle, or building empty strip malls will save this county. Those things are costing us billions and they return nothing.

Atlantic County will improve when the families that work hard for it are rewarded, and the politicians who have destroyed it are unemployed.

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2 Replies to “Atlantic County Judge Taylor-Caught Again!”

  1. Why does Superior Court Judge Donna Taylor still have a job? How many lives are being destroyed by her total disregard for law, order, and the Constitution? Why do her political affiliations take priority over the Constitution? Where is the Attorney General, and why is he unconcerned about Atlantic County corruption? Mr. Grewal, please put Donna Taylor on your radar. She will continue to make you look bad unless you get rid of her.

    1. She has her job because she gets rid of the innocent citizens of Atlantic County as a favor to her constituents, and she keeps the politicians out of jail.

      I got a big kick out of the recent local media story about Dennis Levinson giving top jobs to females. That’s absolutely correct. He gave jobs to all of the women that he had a romantic interest in, or the ones that would perform despicable acts, which most humans would’ve refused to.

      Heck he didn’t just give them jobs, he gave their husbands, children, and nieces and nephews jobs too. The media left that part out though.

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