You’d think that when your name is synonymous with Nepotism, Cronyism, Patronage, Sexual Harassment, and the Demise of Atlantic City, maybe you’d keep a low profile during election season… but not for old Denny the Denier! Even in the shadow of the “Ancient-but-True” Alisa Cooper accusations, Levinson still had the gall to:

  • Appoint his son in Charge of the Casino Control Commission.
  • Appoint a family member to the Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs.
  • Appoint campaign contributor James Dugan, to 1st Assistant Atlantic County Counsel, as a political favor to Judge Donna Taylor.
  • Support Assistant County Counsel Donna Taylor, to campaign for Linwood City Council, while on County time.
  • Appoint Donna Taylor to a Superior Court Judgeship (as a consolation prize), because she cried when he gave his son the Casino Control Commission, in spite of their intimate relationship.

It should’ve been obvious to us, when during a political speech at Stockton College; Levinson, angry over the poor attendance, blames the apathetic student body for the unchecked corruption in Atlantic County. Following the speech, Levinson was heard stating “What do I care? The way that I win elections, I could crap on the hood of Ed McGettigans car and get way with it”.

If you’re wondering whether he was serious or not, you need only read the freeholder minutes to discover that Levinson then became the only County Executive in the State of New Jersey, to repeal the “Pay to Play” law, which was adopted to prevent nepotism, patronage, and corruption in Atlantic County.

None of this is surprising to a community, long since yawning over Levinsons abuse of power, but it’s astonishing that Levinson is STILL employing his now famous election season shtick”… out on the radio, plugging his pals, whom are up for re-election. The question of the day becomes; Why in the hell would you want a political endorsement, from the politician, whom single handedly earned Atlantic County New Jersey, the foreclosure capital of America? It’s time to change the radio station, and more importantly, the county executive.

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