Denny Levinson Gives the Gift of Misconduct this Holiday Season

Dear Santa, Please help all of the soldiers who are away from their families this Christmas, fighting and dying so that Atlantic County politicians can screw us back home, and then blame it on economics. Oh and amen…

That’s exactly what happens when we allow corrupt elected and appointed officials to do as they please.

What’s your favorite holiday track? Rudolph? Frosty? Howbout a little Nat King Cole! Well nothing really compares to this gem, and if you’re a blue-collar American like me… not fortunate enough to be friends with Denny Levinson, then this’ll really warm your heart.

We’ve all been pulled over at one time or another, and usually, unless you’re a jerk, it goes smooth! But what do you do when you’ve really messed up and you can’t get out of it?

Well if you’re best friends with Denny Levinson and you work for the Atlantic County Dept. of Law, then you’re home free! Ooops! You also have to be slick enough to leave it in a voicemail, so that the rest of us can see how the other half lives.

Here’s an audio clip of an appointed Atlantic County Official, who’s also Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson’s pal, getting pulled over for driving an unregistered vehicle. This is a “towable” offense, but he simply plays the “official misconduct” card in order to get away with it.

These offenses were presented to several Atlantic County Superior Court Judges and the New Jersey Appellate Division, but they found nothing wrong with their friends, I mean them.

So the next time that pesky officer tries to nail you for being a law breaker, just remember this example, heck, play it for the judge while you’re at it! After all, chances are, the judge will be sitting next to this guy at the County Christmas party.

Disclaimer: DO NOT TRY THIS if you’re a regular citizen, taxpayer, or low level county employee.


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