Atlantic County Prosecutor Recommends that Victim Commit Suicide

In an unprecedented act of despicable proportions, an Atlantic County Prosecutor recommends suicide to a harassment victim, to end litigation against Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson.

When it comes to corruption in the Atlantic County Government, you might have thought that you’ve seen and heard it all, but the bar has just been lowered. Audio recordings reveal that you and your family are not safe, on the streets, or even in your own home.

The two highest paid branches of the Atlantic County Government are the Executive Office and the Prosecutors Office, but what do you think that you’re paying them for?

Well a large pile of hidden-wire audio evidence explains that you’re occasionally paying them to target and eradicate innocent families and local business.

As an inconceivable act of political treachery unfolds locally, a conspiracy of epic proportions has been brought to light.

Irrefutable evidence shows that Assistant County Counsel Donna Taylor, unethically obtained the local law firm of Jacobs and Barbone, and then paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars to destroy the life of a sexual harassment whistle-blower. The law firm was obtained under-the-table when now Superior Court Judge Donna Taylor, instructed Jacobs and Barbone on how to side step Pay to Play laws and then maintain exclusive rights to all Atlantic County Employment litigation.

Once Jacobs and Barbone was retained, they were given hundreds of hours worth evidence that their client was guilty, yet they kept it hidden and delayed for more than ten years, at a rate of $500 per hour! And yep, those are your tax dollars.

According to the defense attorney “the only witness we require is the victim, assuming that they live to the trial”. Now doesn’t that inspire you to send your kids out celebrating this holiday season? But that’s still not the worst of it.

Audio evidence and letters show that Dennis Levinson used his position as County Executive, to feed false information to 911, the New Jersey State Police, Galloway Twp. Police, Egg Harbor City Police, and Atlantic County Prosecutor just to name a few, and as a result, several of those agencies mistakenly violated the the victims civil rights… And then some!

This long list of violations reads like an international spy movie!

The family home being invaded by police, personal property being illegally confiscated, arrest attempts, forced hospitalization, handicapped children being kicked out of school, threats to family members… and in each case, the law enforcement agencies found the the victim innocent, and then reported that they were fed the information by Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson.

When questioned, Fergusons coworkers claim that he bragged about the harassment and that “Denny” promised him a judgeship for his role.

According to conversations with the New Jersey State Police, “An Atlantic County Counsel wanted us to arrest and charge the victim with misconduct”, on one occassion, and on another “We’d love to fry those guys in the Atlantic County Department of Law, but the State Attorney General has ordered us to ignore it because of political conflicts”.

But perhaps the greatest abuse of justice is the atrocious act committed by an Atlantic County Prosecutor. During a recorded telephone call, the prosecutor states “go on with your conspiracy theories, go ahead and commit suicide, just don’t do it with a gun, because we don’t want to be sued by your family when you’re dead”.

Well folks, this is what we’ve allowed to govern our beautiful community and keep us safe, and if you think that Atlantic City will ever do well under this type of management, think again.

So long as things like this exist here, no one of us is safe, and so long as that statement is true, then no families will ever vistit either.


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  1. Here’s the redacted audio transcript

    Victims Recorded Phone call to the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office
    · Approximately 4 minutes and 36 seconds in, Atlantic County Prosecutor X said; “I have no idea what’s going on between you and Atlantic County and I really don’t care. I mean if there’s some conspiracy, let me put it this way, I’m not in on it. I don’t care. I don’t care what’s going on in the civil end. The only thing is, I don’t want you killing yourself with a gun on my watch. Cause then you know what? Cause then you’re gonna come back and sue me, or your survivors will sue me and say “you should have known they were going to kill themselves with a gun, why didn’t you take it away”. And I need that, like I don’t have enough problems dealing with these criminals and their freaking lawyers
    · Approximately 5 minutes 20 seconds in, Atlantic County Prosecutor X said; I don’t care what the judge does. I’m just gonna go in there with REDACTED, he’s gonna say what he received from you on that day, you can deny, you can tell whatever you want to, and come up with all your conspiracy theorists, and I’ll just let the judge call it. I really don’t have anything else to say to you.
    · Approximately 5 minutes 40 seconds in, Atlantic County Prosecutor X said; look, I don’t even care if you kill yourself, just don’t do it with a gun. Because who’s gonna get the blame for it? You? No, you’ll be gone, you’re gonna get your lawyer to come after me because “oh you let them keep this gun when you knew they were crazy, what’s the matter with you? You know, so I don’t need it.”
    · Approximately 6 minutes in, Atlantic County Prosecutor X said; “Kill yourself any other way, except with a gun. because I can’t have that happening on my watch, because then the fingers are going to get pointed at me. And we’ll just let the judge call it. Okay? See ya!” and then he hangs up on me.


      1. Hello Damon Tyner…could you please address the corruption in your office? Innocent families are being destroyed and nobody seems to care. We know you look out for your family, now please show some interest in other law abiding families.

  2. If this story is true, there needs to be termination within our judicial system in Atlantic County. Because anyone that says this to another human being has abused their authority and doesn’t respect others.

  3. Everyone involved with doing this to this woman is gonna rot in hell…! Why don’t you all kill yourself so people in Atlantic County can live in peace!

  4. Jacobs & Barbone: Like you don’t already have enough money! Then to take taxpayer money to destroy this woman with that money! God has a special place in hell for you also!

  5. Where is judicial oversight? The prosecutors and judges involved need to be removed from office and put in jail. They took an oath to uphold the law and Constitution. Apparently that oath means absolutely nothing. Where is the Committee of Judicial Conduct and why are they looking the other way?

  6. Citizens fear retaliation and it appears that judicial officials are turning their heads. Coming forward could risk the safety of our families. We are victims of this “system”,

  7. If this is true. The situation and all involved need justice.
    With everything going on in society, a woman’s stepping forward and speaking out and not receiving what is right from the accused; is absolutely wrong.
    Our community deserves and expects more from the law and its elected officials.
    Step down and take your lumps.
    Mr Tyner please step up.

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